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Procurve 1800

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Procurve 1800


I have two procurve 1800's. I want to set them both up in the back of an office to support equipment on a different addressing scheme, along with equipment in our domain. It would be like this:

2 PC's with 192.168.5.x to Procurve 1 to Procurve 2, 3 hosts on the common ip scheme here (132.10.11.x)to Procurve 2, then Procurve 2 to wall drop which leads to the Core Switch (an H3C 5120). I'm testing this in our server closet before I deploy, and understand that I need to be able to ping the DGW of the core switch which is from a device of the addressing scheme 192.168.5.x to verify the connection is configured correctly.

I created a vlan for this equipment. Port 46 of the core switch was configured properly to receive data from int 1 of procurve 2, which is in vlan 1. From procurve 2 I have int 24 going to procurve 1 int 21. On both of the procurves I have int 21 and 24 respectively in their own vlan (vlan 5). This vlan on the core sw is
I used a laptop to wire into a free int procurve one in vlan 1 (the default), and am able to ping the DGW of But when
I configured it to have a static ip of (an unused address, an example of the ip one of the PC's I will be pulling in with this addressing scheme) and wired into a free int in vlan 5, I am not able to ping either, or As I understand it, I would need to be able to ping, the DGW of the core sw, to verify a host with that scheme will have connectivity. I'm not allowed to change the addressing scheme of the PC's I want to connect to the switch in vlan 5. All the ports in vlan 5 are tagging, except for port 1 of procurve 2 that goes to the 5120 core sw. The only ports that are vlan 5 and tagging are the ones mentioned. If it worked I would configure 1 more for the other PC, and leave the rest in vlan 1 for whatever else. Any advice??