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Procurve 2524 not working

Matthew Swenson
Occasional Contributor

Procurve 2524 not working

I've got a Procurve 2524 switch that doesn't communicate with other devices. Here is what I've tried:

1. Plugging two laptops into the bad switch, setting static IP addresses for them, and trying to PING from one laptop to the other. Request timed out.

2. Set a static IP address for the bad switch. I cannot ping that address from a laptop hooked up to the switch or from a desktop hooked up to a second switch that is then connected to this bad switch.

To try and fix the problem I have:

1. Plugged the laptops into different ports on the bad switch. Still broken.

2. Reset the switch. Still broken.

3. Held down the clear button and reset the switch to factory defaults. Still broken.

4. Updated the bad switch's firmware to version F.05.09 using a serial cable. Still broken.

I've observed a couple of things on the bad switch. First, when I plug a laptop or another switch into the bad switch the port light will turn on like it should and the bar below it flicker a bit to indicate traffic. However the port bar for cable between switches will not flicker. When I connect to the bad switch via a serial cable and check the ports it does indicate that the laptops and uplink cable are present but obviously data isn't flowing.

I've tried both crossover and normal network cables between the switches and get the same results.

Is this switch dead? What do I need to do to get it working again?

Manuel Wolfshant
Trusted Contributor

Re: Procurve 2524 not working

the first thing that came into my mind was the devices being in different vlans, but since you reset the switch to factory defaults, it's obviously a different problem

the first thing i would try [using the factory default configuration] is to start ping on one laptop and watch the packet counters of the interface where the laptop is connected to. if they are increasing, the problem is not with the cable or the interface but inside the switch. in which case a HP repair centre might help. If on the other hand the counters are not increased, you might wish to check the cables / connectors / plugs / sockets first. If you are 100% sure the problem is not there.. visit the repair centre.
Joaquin Gil de Vergara
Respected Contributor

Re: Procurve 2524 not working

try to test MAC connectivity from a host to the switch.... if this don't work call HP support.....
(if you have a hp9000 host use linkloop command)

good luck
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Jorge Pons
Trusted Contributor

Re: Procurve 2524 not working

Hi Matthew

I suposed that the switch is not totally dead, and you can access via console. see the logs, and verify VLAN configuration, also it??s possible you have any port disable?

If the switch is on guaranty, call HP.

Jorge Pons
Trusted Contributor

Re: Procurve 2524 not working


One thing, have you tried to upgrade firmware?

Yves Bertsch
Occasional Contributor

Re: Procurve 2524 not working


I am facing some similar problems (communication between Hp2524 and other equipments).
the link between my 2524 and catalyst 3524 is very bad. A transfer between stations is less than 1 mbit/s compared with 75-85 Mbits when directly connected on different 3524 or 2524. It was working correctly with my 2424's but no more with my 2524's (the same with up to date firmware or 3 years old firmware. Did anybody encounter such problems ?
thanks in advance