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Procurve & RADIUS server

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Procurve & RADIUS server

I am looking at implementing radius server to control access to our switches.

I am totally new to RADIUS. I had started to look at Microsoft IAS although as far as i cant tell, it will only support 50 RADIUS clients.

Has anyone successfully implemented this? Which RADIUS software did you use? Ideally we are hoping not have to pay for it, so any free suggestions would be great.

Any information or tips much appreciated.
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve & RADIUS server

some info:

1) a switch or access point is a radius client

2) IAS 50 client limit is based on the W2K0/3 standard server version...if you have advanced or enterprise, the client limit is unlimited...

3) freeRADIUS runs on a linux platform, and is open source (free)...

4) switch management access being authenticated on radius is done all the time...

5) only a few switch commands needed, more config on the radius side is required (user id's, groups for switch mgmt, radius access policies)...review the ASG (access security guide) for details on theswitch options...

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Procurve & RADIUS server

IAS is ony an "interface" between the radius client (here switches, not users) and a user database (Active directory), it has no user datbase of its own!
At this time we still have this active for ISDN dial-in acess, not for access to the switch itself. It works as expected.