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Reload switches via PCM+

Marcus J
Frequent Advisor

Reload switches via PCM+


We have about 100 procurve switches in our lan.
I would like to reload them all via PCM+ is this possible?
i've tried the cli command in PCM+ to send reload but that does'nt work, the switch always wants a Y/N confirmation!
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Reload switches via PCM+


The first question would be; Why? There is no option to reboot all 100 switches at onnce. But as it's possible in the cli command of the switch itself you can do the same in PCM+.
In the policy mngr, group cli you enter the telnet command:

reload at xx:xx (replace xx with the time)

But think of starting with the edge switches and plan the core as the last switches. Otherwise you will loose the entire network.
M Macleod
Occasional Contributor

Re: Reload switches via PCM+

Or you could send the command

boot system flash primary/secondary

depending on whether you want to load the primary image or secondary image. This works using the cli tool in PCM. Not the most elegant way of doing it, better done through a policy