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Roaming problem

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Roaming problem


I'm currently experiencing problems with a procurve 2510G-24 switch.
On this switch, there is two Wireless access points plugged.

The problem is, when a wireless client roams from one Access Point to another, it has to wait something like 5-15minutes. The only way to make this time shorter, is to type

"clear intrusion-flag"

or to click "Reset Alerts flags" of the "intrusion log" tab, in the web UI.

You understand it's really annoying to waste 10 minutes just for something like this...
I tried to :

- reduce mac-age-time
- change the port security to every 5 possible options

With no results. I plugged theses two AP on a basic netgear 5ports switch, then plugged this switch on the procurve : it works ( roams is efficient in less than 5 seconds)...

I really need your help to get this roaming working :)

Thanks in advance for your answer(s)

X. Perignon
Occasional Visitor

Re: Roaming problem


Before posting, always check for updates :)

The following problems were resolved in build Y.11.08.

MAC Address (PR_0000009750) â If a client moves from one port or switch to another,
the MAC address is not relearned on the new port until the MAC address timer expires on
the original port.

This new firmware soled my issue :)

Have a good day!