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Router to router

Jonathan Posey_1
Occasional Contributor

Router to router

Does anyone know the easiest way to connect routers; meaning a router plugging into the lan side of another router that is thereby connected to the wan.

thanks much
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Router to router

Use a crossover cable to connect both router's Ethernet ports together. Assign both routers an IP address on the same subnet. (You can just pick an address say and with masks of Put a default route on the WANless router pointing to the other router's IP address. On the Router with the WAN put in individual routes (for each subnet the router knows how to get to) which point to the WANless router's IP address. Alternatively turn on EIGRP (or RIPV2 or OSPF if it's not a cisco) on each router and let them figure it out.