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Routing Problem

Reto Krucker
Frequent Advisor

Routing Problem

Helle everybody

First, please watch the Picture, attached to this thread.

I was buying a HP Layer 3 Switch to connect our Networks.
Before, the Net was directly connected to the WAN. But now, we have a direct Layer 2 Fiber Connection between the Nets and

On the Layer 3 Swicht, I configurated two VLAN's. One has only one Port (VLAN 2), the rest of the Ports are dedicated to VLAN 1.

If I use the VLAN Management IP as default gateway, everything is working fine. But I can't change the default Gateway of the devices in, because, if I do, they don't have access to the WAN.

Is there a way to make the switch transparent, that all MAC-Addresses in are dedicated to Port 1 (VLAN2) of the L3 Switch?

If i just reroute the traffic on the WAN-Router ( to, everything has to pass our Trafficshaper.

any Ideas?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Routing Problem

A few ideas..

1. Have you set any routes on the 2824? Since access the the other networks will go via, you can set the default route on the 2824 to point to that:

ip route

2. I would recommend clients on VLANs 1 and 2 use the IP address of 2824 VLAN interfaces as their default gateways. With the default route in place they should have access to the rest of the network.

3. On the router, you will also need to configure a static route for VLAN 1, e.g. 'ip route'

4. Often people here suggest that you create a 3rd VLAN in this type of setup. For your current VLAN 2 ( the only 2 devices in that VLAN would be the 2824 and the Cisco (and I guess the packet shaper). The 3rd VLAN could be and you would move the clients from the current VLAN 2 into that new VLAN.

With the traffic shaper I don't really understand it, does it have to see the mac-address of the clients to work properly? If that is the case then your only choice would be use only VLAN 2. Otherwise I'm guessing you would need to purchase a second one and reposition them behind the 2824.

Hopefully it works on IP addresses though, if so the original suggestions above should work.

Cisco > Packet Shaper > VLAN2 of 2824 > VLAN 1 & 3 clients connected.