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Routing between switch

ray siripan_1
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Routing between switch


I got two HP switches and unable to routing between them, both switch got dif subnet and vlan, both switches linked on port 24.

Could some one let me know what should I configure to routing between two subnet please.

Thank you

Here my setup:-

Switch-A 2400
Vlan1 = not use
Vlan 103 = untagged 1-24
Vlan 103 ip =

Switch-B 3500yl
Vlan1 = untagged 1-24
Vlan1 ip =
Vlan 103 = tagged 24
Vlan 103 =
enable ip routing
enable rip v1-or-v2

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Re: Routing between switch

Hi Ray,

here are my comments:

1) For inter VLAN routing you don't need RIP. "ip routing" is sufficient.

2) VLAN configuration of port 24 doesn't match on both ends. If you tag vlan 103 on Switch B you have to tag it on Switch A, too.


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