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SETMIB variable

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SETMIB variable

Hi there,

Recently i have changed a couple of setmib variables responsible for LinkUp/LinkDown traps. After changing these from "1" to "2" i saved the configuration by entering "write mem" and also saved the config to our TFTP server. This morning some of the switches had a reload caused by a power loss at the site.

However, it seems that saving the config by entering "write mem" did not save the setMIB variables, the switch has reset all the setmib variables to it's default again. We are now receiving a lot of unnecessary SNMP LinkUp/LinkDown traps again.

Is there a way we can save the changed mib (sermib commands)?

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: SETMIB variable

I believe it should retain your setmib commands unless it's been factory reset. If it is not retaining the setting it is most likely a firmware bug, what switches and what version firmware are you using?
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Re: SETMIB variable


I am using HP ProCurve Switch 2626 Firmware revision H.07.50 and

HP ProCurve Switch 2650 Firmware revision H.07.02

Both of 'em have the same problem.

Holger Hasenaug
Trusted Contributor

Re: SETMIB variable

Update to a release H.10.xx and you have the possibility to disable the linkup/linkdown traps via the CLI:

no snmp-server enable traps link-change

Have fun