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Script SSH Connection to Procurve Switches

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Script SSH Connection to Procurve Switches

I'm having some trouble writing a Perl script to ssh into a procurve switch. It does have SSH enabled and I am able to manually connect via SSH. Here is the script, and the debug output:



use Net::SSH::Perl;

$host = "IP";
my $ssh = Net::SSH::Perl->new($host, protocol => 2, debug => 1, use_pty => 1);
my ($stdout, $stderr) = $ssh->cmd("sh ver\n");
print "Output: $out\n";

Debug Output
debian: Reading configuration data /home/timothy/.ssh/config
debian: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config
debian: Connecting to ip, port 22.
debian: Remote protocol version 1.99, remote software version OpenSSH_3.4p1
debian: Net::SSH::Perl Version 1.34, protocol version 2.0.
debian: No compat match: OpenSSH_3.4p1.
debian: Connection established.
debian: Sent key-exchange init (KEXINIT), wait response.
debian: Algorithms, c->s: 3des-cbc hmac-sha1 none
debian: Algorithms, s->c: 3des-cbc hmac-sha1 none
debian: Entering Diffie-Hellman Group 1 key exchange.
debian: Sent DH public key, waiting for reply.
debian: Received host key, type 'ssh-rsa'.
debian: Host 'ip' is known and matches the host key.
debian: Computing shared secret key.
debian: Verifying server signature.
debian: Waiting for NEWKEYS message.
debian: Send NEWKEYS.
debian: Enabling encryption/MAC/compression.
debian: Sending request for user-authentication service.
debian: Service accepted: ssh-userauth.
debian: Trying empty user-authentication request.
debian: Authentication methods that can continue: password.
debian: Next method to try is password.
debian: Trying password authentication.
debian: Login completed, opening dummy shell channel.
debian: channel 0: new [client-session]
debian: Requesting channel_open for channel 0.
debian: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 32768
debian: Got channel open confirmation, requesting shell.
debian: Requesting service shell on channel 0.
debian: channel 1: new [client-session]
debian: Requesting channel_open for channel 1.

I am also open to writing the script in another language, as long as it will work.


Tim Stella
Mohammed Faiz
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Re: Script SSH Connection to Procurve Switches


That's about as far as I got using Net::SSH on a Windows host. There was no way of getting the session to complete and I couldn't find anyone else that had managed it.
Even passing commands directly using plink fails to work.
A colleague had it working using a horrible method of auto-pasting commands into an open putty window.
In the end I decided all we needed from the scripts was a copy of the configs so I use SCP to pull that down and we use PCM+ for anything that requires us to send batches of commands.
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Re: Script SSH Connection to Procurve Switches


i always use teraterm and ttmacro for scripts.
works like a charm..

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Re: Script SSH Connection to Procurve Switches

Hi EckerA,

I've been looking into ttmacro/tera term. Looks pretty good. Would it be possible for you to post of one of your scripts? I seem to be having some problems getting mine to connect correctly.

Thank you,

Tim Stella
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Re: Script SSH Connection to Procurve Switches


here is a place for a lot of informations and scripts for tterm and ttmacro:


there u can as well find a script to connect via ssh.

for example:

connect 'xxxx.xxx.xxx.xx:22 /ssh /auth=password /user=net/passwd=xxxxx'

ShowRun = 'show run'

mpause 3000

sendln ShowRun#