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Setting up VLAN

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Setting up VLAN

I've been browseing the boards for a couple hours now and have not been able find anyone with the same issue as I do. If I missed it please feel free to send me the link.


I seem to be missing a step/process/setting or am failing to understand something.


I have a HP E5406 zl Switch with a couple modules.


VLAN 1 is all untagged at default.


If I change a1-a2 to tagged, then the PC on port a1 can no lonnger ping the PC on port a2. 


What other settings do I have to enable/disable/change to make tagged ports talk to each other?





Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: Setting up VLAN

If you make the VLAN tagged on a port then the device on the other side, PC in this case, will need to understand 802.1q tags as well. If it doesn't, your communication till break.

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