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Sound and modem problems

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Sound and modem problems

I have an HP Pavilion 8665C with the V90 modem that came with it. It is a 56k modem combo with a sound card. I can't seem to mute to modem. I've tried to go into the control panel and put the speaker level down to off, and I've tried through my dial-up service to click the option to mute the modem and neither one worked. If you could please let me know if ther is anything I can do. Right now I have everything muted from the master volume control so I don't hear the constant buzzing ther entire time I'm connected to the internet! The down side is that I can't hear anything else either. PLEASE HELP!!
Ron Kinner
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Re: Sound and modem problems

Would help if you would mention your operating system but assuming you are running 2K or XP go into the Control Panel and select Phone and Modem then the Modem tab then Properties then the Advanced tab.

Under Extra Initialization Commands type:


and say OK twice. (That is M zero not M oh)

If that doesn't help then try the latest driver: