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Spaning Tree trap

Spaning Tree trap

Hi all:

Does anyone know if the procurve switches send a trap when they block a port to prevent loops?

Thanks in Advance,
Marc Villeneuve_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Spaning Tree trap

I already done a test with 2 switches, one 4000 and one 2524 with both last firmware installed.

I use TopTools for procurve and it didnt receive any trap from the switches. I think there is no trap sent from the switches for the spaning tree detection, but i am not sure. I wish to do some test with this feature, but I no switch avalable now.


Re: Spaning Tree trap

Thanks for the Info.

I do find that the procurve manager software display the stp blocked links with a different line on the network maps. This is good enough for me. Anyway I will try to find if there is any way to automate this event notification.

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Re: Spaning Tree trap

1. STP and RSTP can not be configured to send SNMP traps on certain events on HP 4108GLs neither.

2. Maybe you can setup some alerts in PCM, but you need to poll the swt for a certain OID (which I don't know - but you might find) at sone regular interval.