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Stacking Procurve Switches (nested)

Simon Whiting
Occasional Contributor

Stacking Procurve Switches (nested)


We have five HP 4108gl switches as our set of core switches. Currently we have them in a cascaded arrangement, with a two port trunk per cascade connection, eg

SW-1 to SW-2 (2 port trunk)
SW-2 to SW-3 (2 port trunk)
SW-3 to SW-4 (2 port trunk)
SW-4 to SW-5 (2 port trunk)

This configuration has served us extremely well except on the rare occasion when one of the middle switches has failed, resulting in a split network.

Due to the length of the stacking port cables (1/2 metre) it is impossible for us to connect SW-1 to SW-5 in a cascade loop. We propose to break the trunked stacking ports and configure the switches in a staggered switch format, ie

SW-1 to SW-2 and to SW-3
SW-2 to SW-3 and to SW-4
SW-3 to SW-4 and to SW-5
SW-4 to SW-5

Is this configuration likely to cause any problems?

All suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated.

Simon Whiting.
Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: Stacking Procurve Switches (nested)

Seems sound as long as you have a stp/rstp setup to block redundant links. But it is really hard to say since we dont know what your enviromnet entails.

Here is procurves guide to stp/rstp (amongst alot of other things) on the 4100:

Here is procurves guide to port trunking (amongst alot of other things) on the 4100: