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Hi all

Yet more noob questions :)

I want to do some InterVLAN Routing. I currently have two server rooms, each wrunning off their own Procurve 3400cl switch with a 4GB trunk between them. The rest of the switches branch off from them.

I need to create a sub-interface and so far have only found this procurve specific documentation;

I've never tried anything like this before, so have a few questions;

1; In the config guide, it says to enter Ethernet Configuration mode by typing "interface ethernet 0/2" - What does "0/2" refer to?

2; If the "0/2" refers to a physical port on the switch, does that mean that port cannot be used for anything else? Does the port have to be patched back into the switch?

3; Should I divide the load between my two 3400cl's, and is there any way of adding any kind of fault tolerance?

4; Am I missing anything?

Thanks for your help.

Respected Contributor

Re: Sub-Interfaces?

hi shaun,
the guide you are refering to is for a different device i guess.

take a look here:


Re: Sub-Interfaces?

Doesn't look like the 3400cl supports sub interfaces. I'll apply my ACL's on a per-port basis instead.
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Sub-Interfaces?

what do you aim to achieve?

on the 3400 you probably can assign an ip-adresses to vlan's.
together with "tagging" multiple vlans to a single port, you may accomplish the thing you wanted without using subinterfaces?
you may look at every vlan itself as a "subinterface".