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Re: Unable to download software index file

Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

Unable to download software index file

Since about 2 weeks ago our PCM 2.1+ server has stopped obtaining software updates from the web. The logs are showing the error "Unable to download software index file from HP".

I've checked the server, tried proxy and no proxy. I've also run a debug on our main Cisco ASA firewall and when I force a software update I am not seeing any type of hit on the firewall from the server (neither denied or allowed).

It would seem the server isn't even attempting the connection. Does anyone have ideas for what else I can check?
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to download software index file

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Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

Re: Unable to download software index file

Fair enough.
Mark Toomey
New Member

Re: Unable to download software index file

Sorry to put this in a reply, but I'm getting the same error and I saw only the slap on the wrist you got, but with no answer to your question. :)

Can you tell me what you found out about this??

Thanks very much!