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Updating 5406zl software using PCM+


Updating 5406zl software using PCM+

I use PCM+ Version B.02.100 with update B_02_10_9 installed to rollout software updates to all the switches on the network. I currently have varying quantities of 2524, 2626, 5308 and 5406 switches on the network.

For some time I have successfully rolled out software updates to the 2524, 2626 and 5308 switches without any issues.

When I rollout software updates to the 5406 switches, some of them fail to reboot after the software download is complete. I have checked the event logs on the switches that fail to reboot and the tftp has been successful.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with the PCM+ and the 5406zl switches?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Updating 5406zl software using PCM+

I'm fairly certain I saw this one too the other day. The weird thing is like you have said, it was only 1 of them (out of 2).

Was this when updating to K.12.01?

With K.12.01 it needs to update to K.11.69 first which has an updated bootROM. PCM will do this required update automatically.

At which stage did your update fail the reload - i.e, was it after the update to K.11.69 that it did not reload, or was it after K.12.01? If you did a 'show flash', which versions where there?

There is also another strange issue with the 3500's when updating to K.11.69 the bootROM does not get upgraded. The workaround for this is to copy K.11.69 to secondary and reload from that.

Re: Updating 5406zl software using PCM+


This issue first occurred on some 5406 switches when updating from K.11.63 to K11.69. It also occurred when updating from K.11.69 to K.12.01.

I have always carried out a two stage process of updating from K.11.63 to K.12.01. Stage 1 the software is updated from K.11.63 to K.11.69. The switch is left to running K.11.69 for 24 hours then the switch is upgraded from K.11.69 to K.12.01, provided the switch has not had any issues during the previous 24 hours.

When I did a â show flashâ the primary software version was K.12.01.

Below is the log file from a switch that failed to reboot.

03/06/07 01:00:03 00098 download: Download Request Received from
03/06/07 01:12:12 00131 tftp: Transfer completed
03/06/07 01:12:57 00150 update: Primary Image updated via network tftp
03/06/07 01:12:57 00150 update: Completed
03/06/07 06:01:13 00130 tftp: RRQ from for file running-config
03/06/07 06:01:14 00131 tftp: Transfer completed

Very interesting to note the issue you have experienced with the 3500's when updating to K.11.69.