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VLAN-based default gateway

VLAN-based default gateway


I have a 5308 on which I use IP routing, and two firewalls to connect some networks together.

I now want a simple solution to a challenge I got.
The optimal solution would be to have dependencies in the routing table, and I hope that is possible, even though I doubt it.

I have to "main" networks, each connected to seperate firewalls. I use the 5308 today to terminate networks, and a glue network between the 5308 and one of the firewalls. Now I want the same with the second firewall.

An easy setting would be that all traffic with source IP starting with 10.200 (I can use should have a default gateway of, while all other should have a default gateway
The last one is working today, I now want the gateway setting.

I realise I can set up static routes, its not more than 30 networks in the 10.200-segment. But I also need to assure there are no traffic between the 10.100-networks and the 10.200-networks. This wil be a lot of ACL's to manage.

Unless some of you geniuses have a simple solution for me that I have not thought of....
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: VLAN-based default gateway



You need a Policy based routing that forward traffic based on both Source and Destination IP Address.

An unfortunately this is not available on any of the ProCurve switches.

You need an external router/firewall to do that.

From the ProCurve family, you have the Secure Router/Firewall 7102 or 7203 series.

Good Luck !!!
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Re: VLAN-based default gateway

could you not do this at a dhcp level, set the gateway in your scope for 10.200.0 vlan to be

the in your other scope for the other vlan(s) to route to there vlan ip and set static routes on the switch to go to or if you only have a total of two vlan that you want the routing on make the gateway in the scope.

Re: VLAN-based default gateway


Mohieddin; thanks for your reply, it seems I have to settle with ACL's.

Daniel; the problem is not routing in my network, but in my switch. Setting default gateway using dhcp would make me have to remove routing in my switch, wont it?


Re: VLAN-based default gateway

Hi again

I am kinda new on accesslists.

Can I use this as a inbound access-list on all my VLAN's in my 10.200-subnet?

What I want to do is to deny all other trafic than the traffic between the different 10.200-networks.

ip access-list extended "close"
deny ip
permit ip

Best regards

-: Rune :-