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VLAN help

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VLAN help

Hello all. I have a Procurve 5406vl switch with a default address scheme of I have a fiber connection on Port C21 that connects to a Procurve 1800 switch in another building. On that switch, the default address scheme is How do I make it so the pc's between the switches can "talk"? I have never setup a VLAN before, so try to be as specific as possible.

Thank you!

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Re: VLAN help

Hi Mark,
at the 5406vl

vlan 100
ip addre
untagged c21
ip routing
wr mem

then all your clients and systems attached to the 1800, including the 1800, need the as their default gateway.
and all your clients in the subnet needs the ip of the 5406 (in the vlan) as their default gateway. now all pcs can talk to eachother.

to make sure your clients can still get to the internet you need to add the following route at the 5406

ip route

and at that router you need a route for the subnet of the 1800, something like

ip route

depends on the syntax of the router!