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VLAN routing issues

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Scott Waterhouse_1
Occasional Contributor

VLAN routing issues

I am trying to setup a VLAN for my voice traffic. My core switch is a 2824 and my edge switches are 2624 and 2650. All of my servers hang directly off of the 2824 and all of the phones/pcâ s hang off of the 26XX. The PCâ s are daisy chained off of the phones via the built-in 2 port switch on the ip phones.

For a test I have a 2650 with 1 test pc hanging off of it connected to port 32. The phone servers voip port will connect to port 1 of the 2824. If I try using DHCP on the test pc I cannot get an address from the DHCP server on VLAN1 so I set up a static address for testing purposes.

On any pc in VLAN1 I can ping any host in the 190.140.x.x subnet and the VLAN6 switch ipâ s (, and but cannot ping the test pc at

From the test pc in VLAN6 I can ping the two vlan6 switch interfaces (, and but I cannot ping anything in the 190.140.x.x range except for the two switches ( and

I have attached my current configurations.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN routing issues

I'm more familiar with Cisco than HP but

I'd remove the
ip default-gateway
from the 2824. It's not needed when you have an
ip route

It shouldn't make any difference to your problem but you never know.

I think your DHCP problem is because you do not have:


This is a global config command. You may also need:

ip directed-broadcast

If it were me I would first make sure that the 2824 is routing properly by plugging the test PC into it and assigning the test PC a VLAN 1 address with the VLAN1 default gateway of Can it ping the VOIP server? Does the VOIP server have a default route of

Then log onto the 2824 and

sh ip route

to verify that it has routes for both subnets and your default route.

Once you get that to work then it should be easier to connect the two switches together.


Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN routing issues

Your configs look about right to me. Make sure your clients in VLAN1 have their default gateway set to

I'd recommend you update the firmware too on these switches.

Scott Waterhouse_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: VLAN routing issues

Thanks for the help guys. It was the fact that the clients in VLAN1 did not have the default gateway set to the switch.