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change switch setup frm unicast to multicast

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change switch setup frm unicast to multicast

this is one of my customer request.
"The network comprises of 3 locations(2610) and the MDF(5400zl) is also connected to other main control room.
Initially the system is working in unicast form and we would like to use the system in Multicast format for stable operation".

I dont understand abt this unicast and multicast that he said. can you help me?how can I do this?
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: change switch setup frm unicast to multicast

when a host sends tcp/ip packets there
exists unicast, multicast and broadcast.

unicast is when a host sends directly to a destination (same subnet) or even (other subnet).

there is a general tcp/ip broadcast adress
and each ip-subnet has it's broadcast adress
like =>broadacst

then there is an agreed range of multicast adresses end

So it is the sender that either uses unicast or mutlicast, not the network!
But ofcourse the network needs to be able to forward the multiccasts.
if it is all within the same (v)lan you probably need no changes to the network.
If you need to route between (v)lans then the router needs to be configured for mutlicast routing.

you need to be formulate the problem more specific to get an answer about what to do next.
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Re: change switch setup frm unicast to multicast

enable IGMP on the VLANs, this will enable multicast filtering instead of broadcasting the multicast traffic, if traffic will go between different VLANs then you will need to enable PIM on the core (5406) and for that you need premium license, not sure if you have it.