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gvrp and static vs dynamic

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gvrp and static vs dynamic

Hi Guys


hoping someones can help me here. I have a fairly current network redsign by the experts and now I am having trouble managing it.


I have a core switch and some secondaries. GVRP is setup for the vlans. as you can see below


Maximum VLANs to support : 256
  Primary VLAN : Management
  Management VLAN :

  VLAN ID Name                             | Status     Voice Jumbo
  ------- -------------------------------- + ---------- ----- -----
  1       Management                       | Port-based No    No
  4       Students                         | Port-based No    No
  11      Servers                          | Port-based No    No
  12      Staff                            | Port-based No    No
  14      Security                         | Port-based No    No
  15      GVRP_15                          | Dynamic
  16      GVRP_16                          | Dynamic
  70      GVRP_70                          | Dynamic
  80      GVRP_80                          | Dynamic
  111     Voice                            | Port-based Yes   No
  1001    Guest_Wireless                   | Port-based No    No
  1012    8021x_UnAuth                     | Port-based No    No


as you can see, vlan 15 is GVRP_15 Dynamic. Weill this is a new wireless vlan and i need to tag the uplinks on the access points. I cant tag as they are dynamic.


02(config)# vlan 15 tag a1-a5
Dynamic VLANs cannot be configured manually.


How do i solve this. Can i turn the dynamic into a static?


Any help much appreciated.


Frequent Advisor

Re: gvrp and static vs dynamic

Its sweet i finally found what i was looking for.


You go into config mode and type static-vlan vlan_no. this turns it to a static.