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hp dl 185 procurve 1800/24 - teaming

Occasional Contributor

hp dl 185 procurve 1800/24 - teaming

hi, i have a question about teaming with onboard nic´s ( 2 hp nic´s - broadcom ) with installed hp drivers and using an hp procurve 1800/24.

does this speed up my network flow or is this only for fail-safety ??

is it possible to use this hardware for this Qualifying ?

i have setting up the ports 1 & 3 for trunk ( procurve 1800 ) and on the server side i make the team funktion with the hp nic software. one ip adress for two nic´s.

some times, the network symbol in the hp nic manager became the color green ( seems to be ok ) but tehn it became yellow, and then, one of the teamnics becames alternate the red X symbol ??

whats wrong in this config ?? is it the wrong hardware ??

thanks for helping me.