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hp procurve switch 2626 J4900b

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hp procurve switch 2626 J4900b

I have this switch and it is DEAD.  It powers on and powers off after about a minute.  I tried calling support because it supposedly has a lifetime warranty.  After an hour of being told I was talking to the wrong person, department and given 3 numbers to call I tried looking for a way to contact you online.  I tried to register the product and and that was down.  Help the switch is down and i need it replaced. 

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Re: hp procurve switch 2626 J4900b

Hi, just to clear up the definition dead, there is no such thing as a dead switch, it was never alive in the first place. You state that the switch powers on and powers off in a minute, that would be defined as a malfunctioning or defective powersupply.


I wonder what number you dialed where you talked to someone for an hour without getting anywhere? Also where you tried to register your product, to my best knowledge there is no need to register accept if you are entitled to contractual support.


All HP support contactnumbers can be found on http://www8.hp.com/us/en/hp-information/summary/ww-contact-us.html choose your country and go to "Technical support after you buy, that yould be in the third column. Lookup the number for "Network products" and most likely option 3 is ProCurve support (all depending on the local country).


There is also a possibility to open a ticket through the web. Go to http://h17007.www1.hp.com/us/en/support/converter/index.aspx enter your product model, select the correct version and click on display, there is a link to opening a web-case electronically (login is required).

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Re: HP Procurve switch 2626 J4900b

>just to clear up the definition dead, there is no such thing as a dead switch


Well, dead as in not working.  ;-)


13. dead - out of use or operation because of a fault or breakdown; "a dead telephone line"; "the motor is dead"