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procurve 9304 routing switch(hpj4857a)

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Occasional Contributor

procurve 9304 routing switch(hpj4857a)

Could any one tell me the best way to upgrade
the os and bootcode with out causing any major problems.I have two procurve 9300(j4857a)Mini-Gbic redundant management moduals
installed in this switch.

Thanks for any help.
Larry Byrd
Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: procurve 9304 routing switch(hpj4857a)

Hi Larry,

Please take a look at the release notes for 7.8 software. It spells out how to upgrade the module(s). Depending on what version you are currently running, the procedures are different. You might have to go to an "intermediate version" first. In general, the standby module gets updated automatically (except for boot-code). Update the primary module (boot-code) and the secondary module (boot-code), reload the box and then update the OS on the primary module. There will be a service interruption so plan ahead.

Hope this helps,