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routing between networks with HP 2910al


routing between networks with HP 2910al

I have a 2910al and would like to configure a port (or ports) to be able to route traffic from one network /16 to another network /16 and visa-versa.  I am currently using a W2K3 server for routing, but I would like to do away with that box and just use the switch.


How would I configure the switch (port) to route data?  Do I need two ports on the switch, each configured as its own VLAN, one with a 10.1.1.x IP and the other with a 10.100.0.x IP?


I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around this one.

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Re: routing between networks with HP 2910al



something like this?:


conf t

ip routing

vlan 1

untagged 1

ip address


vlan 2

untagged 2

ip address


vlan 3

untagged 3


ip route <next hop router>

wr mem


vlan 3 is not routed cos it doesn't have an ip...