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testing mstp -mstp , lacp, trunk

Occasional Advisor

testing mstp -mstp , lacp, trunk

Hi I am testing mstp before putting it into production
but there thing I do not understand.
I am using for my test 3 hp procurve 2626
forming a triangle, single conection among each other. two distribution switch & an acces switch
I wolud like to joint the distribution switch using lacp or trunk but any time i do that my mstp missbehave.

is there a procedure for that?

I tried with lacp
a enabled lacp for port 26 & 25 on the distribution switches. Result, mstp lost.

I tried using trunk 25-26 trk1 on each distribution switch . I end up reconfiguring all the switchs.

Any help please?
Occasional Advisor

Re: testing mstp -mstp , lacp, trunk

I have reed about procurve 2626 and trunk, lacp & I got to the following conclusions:

- In a procurve 2626 the 25 & 26 ports can not be use for trunkig.

- It is better using static trunk than dynamic lacp.

-And I think I have to declare my trunk before configuring my vlans

- dynamics vlans are not compatible with MSTP.

am I rigth?

Occasional Advisor

Re: testing mstp -mstp , lacp, trunk

Any body?
Any help please?
It is true I am a beginer in complex hp configuration, but I could improve myself faster with your help
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: testing mstp -mstp , lacp, trunk

some basic operational "rules" for vlans, trunks and mstp:

1) alway configure trunks, then connect ports together
2) trunks must be coterminous, and should be same "type" (lacp or hp trunk) on each end
3) trunks should be same speed and media type (will work if not matched, but results are not optimal if speeds are different)
4) creating a trunk will remove those ports from all vlans, creates a new interface "trk'x'" and make the trk interface untagged into vlan1
5) put "new" trunk interface (trk1) into vlans

6) for mstp, all vlans are a member of the IST by you create instances, you then define which vlans are in each mstp instance
7) the mstp 'config name', 'config revision' and instance definitions MUST be the same on all switches in the mstp domain

8) you can create vlans and trunks in any order, just put the trunk interface into the vlan(s) either tagged or untagged as appropriate

9) i never use dynamic vlans...alot of static config functions can't be done...they will always be in the IST for mstp

10) ports 25/26 can be used for trunks, if using the same media...if planning on using the fiber mini-gbic, you must have the mini-gbic inserted first, then define the port into trunks/vlans


i would "build" this system in this order:
1) configure vlans on all switches
2) configure trunks on all switches
3) connect switches on the trunk links
4) put trunk interfaces into vlans
5) test config (ping devices in all vlans on all switches)
6) config mstp on all switches
7) repeat step 4


basically you are trying to do 3 things at once, and altho the order is not absolute, as you have seen, doing some tasks in different order causes not the desired results...

Occasional Advisor

Re: testing mstp -mstp , lacp, trunk

I thank you very much.
I talked about dunamic vlans as I have 35 switches and I said to my -self that could reduce the command to type for administration.

In the case I have all my switches in mstp with two instances(1 & 2) vlan 1,2,3 on instance 1 vlans 4,5,6 on instance 2 and everything is OK. If I add a new vlan(vlan7) wich will be member of instance 2, I create the vlan 7 in all switches , so far no problem. But I have to declare it on the instance 2 on every switch.
Wath would happen while I'm updating the vlans member of instance 2? cause switches configuration will not be the same until I finish with the las switch.

Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: testing mstp -mstp , lacp, trunk

even though dynamic vlans (using GVRP) looks like a nice way to distribute vlans across alot of switches, you don't have alot of control of putting ports into them as they are dynamic...unless you are doing 802.1X with dynamic vlan assignment per user authentication, don't do will be happier...

now, on vlans and mstp, you are correct, until you get vlan 7 into instance 2, there will be some spanning-tree convergence occurring until all the configs match...if you have PCM+, you can script the needed commands and "push" those configs out much faster than you can telnet and do the configs over that many switches...but its not a major issue overall, just vlan 7 will be in flux while you take the time to match the configs...

also, it is a very good practice to leave the vlan you are managing the switches on in the IST, meaning don't put it into instance 1 or 2...much safer to access the switches for mgmt since every switch with mstp enabled always has the IST...