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xrrp on 5308xl

Carl Morss
Occasional Advisor

xrrp on 5308xl

back again

Ive got 2 xrrp domains setup - 1 pair of routers work fine, xrrp failsover with no problems.

On the second pair as soon as i enable xrrp - router1 takes over as master.

Both routers have the reverse xrrp config
Both routers have the same static routes

The only thing different between my working xrrp protection domain and my failing xrrp protection domain is the number of switches between the pair. For Security Router1 and Router2 on both xrrp domains are kept at opposite ends of the site. I am wandering if Router1 is not hearing xrrp packets from Router2 quick enough, and is therefore taking over.

There are 3 switches between Router1 and Router2.

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: xrrp on 5308xl

You need to make sure that for each of the XRRP VLANs, the switches in between are also tagged members.