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Two port mirroring questions

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Two port mirroring questions

First this, moved from the Comware forum, where I dunno how it got there:

I have 4 4900B's set up as a virtual- or soft-stack, looping from port 25 on one switch to port 26 on the next.  I have set the first switch up as a Stack Commander, and it has properly captured the other three, and I can use its web UI to configure everything.

I have 5 VLANs configured on each switch, and they're all tagged up and down each cross-connect.

All the basic switching works fine, but I can't see any way to use the monitoring port facility to monitor a port not on the switch you are on.

Am I missing something?

Would this work properly if I had 3 hard-stacking cables plugged in?  (The switches were $25 apiece; the cables, close to $100.  If it will solve my problem, I'll spend it, but I would like to be sure first...

Firmware is h.8.83 on two, h.8.106 on one, and h.10.83 on the final one, if that matters; more details if necessary.


Secondly: I've (at least temporarily) moved all the cables for the VLAN I care about onto one switch, so I can set up a mirror port for wireshark to look at, but the traffic I care about is sometimes across the VLAN from one device to another, and sometimes out through the edge device to the greater Internet.  I can't visualize what port I should be monitoring to see everything -- *can* I monitor all the traffic across that vlan with a 2626?

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Re: Two port mirroring questions

For some reason it had escaped me that you can mirror multiple ports simultaneously; that solves my second problem.

Still interested in an answer on the first one though.

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Re: Two port mirroring questions

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Remote port monitoring was invented more recently than that 15+-year-old switch was built.