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11iv3 host - filecache_max tunable

Tom Haddad
Super Advisor

11iv3 host - filecache_max tunable

I have a 11iv3 host and was reviewing some kernel tunables. Filecache_max has been sitting at a current usage of 97%.


Its settings are:

current value - 3g

default value - 16g

tuning = auto

next boot value - auto

next boot value expression = 10%


Changes can be made dynamically.  If i want to modify current value to say 6g? or when does auto tuning occur?


Recommendations?  make sure Im understanding this tunable correctly.   Thanks

Chirag Parikh
Frequent Advisor

Re: 11iv3 host - filecache_max tunable



This parameter can be tune onine, no downtime required. And this will take effect immediatly after chaning the value. Recommendation is your value should not be more then 90% of phyisical memory.


Keep Value at Next Boot as - auto



Chirag Parikh.