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ATI port fails


ATI port fails

I having one problem
aftr the failer of UPS wen i restart the Linux 4 Server it showing ATI port1 fails to start

Please help me to solve this problem

please provide the step bcs the server is located in diff server, i need to give gauidence to some other person

Please help me
Honored Contributor

Re: ATI port fails

"ATI port" is not a standard name for a PC feature.

Are you using a serial console? When RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 is booting up, the hardware autoconfiguration process ("kudzu") probes serial ports by sending the "ATI1" command to them. If there is a modem connected to the serial port, it will normally respond with manufacturer/model information and "OK".

If you're using a serial console, this command string will be displayed among the other console output. It may be confusing, but usually harmless.

If you have an UPS connected to a serial port, probing it like this might in some cases trigger the UPS shutdown or confuse the UPS, which might cause other problems.

To disable kudzu's serial port probes, set SAFE=yes in /etc/sysconfig/kudzu.

To fix your problem, more information is needed:

1.) Manufacturer and model of the server?

2.) Manufacturer and model of the UPS?

3.) Is the UPS connected to the server with a management cable (serial/USB/network/other)? If it is, there is probably also a management/monitoring program for the UPS. What is its name?

4.) If this is a RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 system, please say so explicitly. "Linux 4" could be many different things.

5.) To check the state of serial ports, run:

setserial -g /dev/ttyS?

6.) You said "aftr the failer of UPS...". Did the UPS fail? If it failed, has it been fixed? If it is not fixed yet, the UPS monitor program might not even start up because it cannot find a working UPS.

If the failed UPS was replaced with a different model, you might have to reconfigure, update or replace the UPS monitoring program.