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Alcor card reader not working with Linux

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Alcor card reader not working with Linux

My Alcor card reader that was installed and came with my new PC will not recognize any SD card inserted into it.  I am running Ubuntu 12.10 which is the latest version.  The Linux kernel version is 3.5.0-21.  Output from lsusb shows the following:  "Bus 001 Device 002: ID 058f:6364 Alcor Micro Corp. AU6477 Card Reader Controller" but no messages from dmesg show when inserting an SD card.  How can I get this to work?



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Re: Alcor card reader not working with Linux

Is the usb_storage kernel module loaded?


The system might be trying to use the alternative USB block device driver module ("ub") instead.

To make the system prefer the usb_storage module instead of ub, you might want to create a file named /etc/modprobe.d/usb-libusual.conf, with the following content:


options libusual bias=usb-storage
options usb_libusual bias=usb-storage

 (I'm not sure whether the kernel 3.5 uses the "old" or the "new" name for usb_libusual. This should cover both cases, and the extra line should be harmless.)


As far as I know, the ub module is scheduled for removal, since the problems with some USB storage devices and the usb_storage module have apparently been solved and the ub module has become redundant.

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Re: Alcor card reader not working with Linux

Thank you for the response.  I created the file as you suggested and restarted the computer, but inserting media still did not mount.  Is there something else I can check or run to verify the media should be found?  Thank!