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Auto login after linux boot

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Auto login after linux boot

I have a system running SuSE Linux V9. Power failed to this server yesterday. After power was restored, we booted this system and it seems good except instead of providing the login screen on the system console after boot the system goes right into a user login secession. It's as if the auto login feature was activated which it is not. I have closed the user's secession and rebooted several times with the same result.

We are running kdm here.

The /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager file has nothing specified for the DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN parameter. Any suggestions on where to look?

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Re: Auto login after linux boot

(Disclaimer: I don't know SuSE Linux V9 specifically, so this is based on generic KDE knowledge only.)

Start KDE Control Center, and look into System Administration -> Login Manager. Examine all the settings on the "Convenience" tab. Note that you'll have to click on "Administrator Mode" to change the settings.

At least on Debian Etch, there is "Auto login after X server crash" checkbox. I guess that technically a power failure might be interpreted as X server crash... it certainly has crashed, along with everything else.


Re: Auto login after linux boot

This did the trick. Thanks for the help.