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CSTM error

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CSTM error

Hi Guys

When i run the following command I get the error below

Do I have to upgrade to UI x.66.00 or above. If so how do i do that


root@bolton81 [/] # /usr/sbin/cstm

Running Command File (/usr/sbin/stm/ui/config/.stmrc).


-- Error --

This User Interface (UI) is not compatible with Unit Under Test (UUT) bolton81.

 The UI version is A.63.00.  A UI with version of at least x.66.00 is required.


-- Information --

Support Tools Manager



Version A.63.00

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Re: CSTM error

You have for whatever reasons mixed versions installed.


Upgrade the online diagnostics, e.g. to A.66.00:

Hope this helps!

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