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Configure a quorum disk

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Flavio Lacks
Frequent Advisor

Configure a quorum disk


I need configure a quorum disk from a change storage or is this default ?
Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: Configure a quorum disk


your question is unclear as to the OS it applies to, and your other questions are mostly HPUX, while this is the OpenVMS forum.

Anyway, assuming you ARE meaning VMS:

In SYSGEN you specify (for EACH node of the cluster, the SAME value!)

QDSKVOTES = 1 ! normally, but any non-zero is ok
The first node that boots with VAXCLUSTER=1 or 2 will use DISK_QUORUM and create the quorum file.
Any subsequent boot will find & use it.

If this is NOT for VMS, please seek help elsewhere.


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Victor Fridyev
Honored Contributor

Re: Configure a quorum disk

The question is unclear. It looks like you are talking about Service Guard.
If I'm right, a quorum disk is necessary for a cluster from two computers. You don't have to configure anything, just run
cmquery -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii -n node1 -n node2
and edit the /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii file according to your needs. At the end of the file you'll find "lock disk" definition. This is it.

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