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Coreadm settings not staying

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Coreadm settings not staying

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to setup global-core-dump (coreadm) settings and have them stay after a reboot? Currently everytime we set it and we reboot the setting goes away.


This is on a HP-UX 11vi3 system.

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Re: Coreadm settings not staying

You should apply the latest vm cumulative patch and dependencies - this was fixed in PHKL_39401 - at least the patch text states :


	( QX:QXCR1000909463 )
	coreadm(2) settings, especially the global flags don't stay
	persistent across reboots, however the global and init
	pattern stays persistent.

	This fix will provide persistence for all patterns and flags
	across reboots.

 The latest recommended patch is PHKL_41972


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