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Create mirror disk e setup DNS

Daniel Duarte
Frequent Advisor

Create mirror disk e setup DNS

How do I create a mirror disk and setup a DNS server?

Dave Bechtold
Respected Contributor

Re: Create mirror disk e setup DNS

Hi Daniel,

Well, a mirror'd disk can be accomplished via software RAID or hardware RAID. We offer Logical Storage Manager (LSM) as a software RAID product for Tru64 UNIX. LSM allows you to mirror disks, including the system disk.

We also offer hardware RAID products/controllers which can be used to perform this task and have it off loaded from the operating system.

Do you have a RAID hardware product to do this with?

Are you planning on using software RAID - LSM? If yes, you will need an LSM license - LSM-OA see "lmf list".

For information on LSM see the LSM Guide online ->

Make sure to check what Tru64 UNIX version your running and select the appropriate guide for LSM - there are differences from release to release.

As for DNS -> I'd suggest starting with the doc.'s again - the Network Administration: Services Guide - chapter on DNS - for v5.1B ->

Hope that helps get you started - for future assistance, provide more details so folks can better address your questions :^ )

Dave Bechtold