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DII COE Login (unknown) Console Problem

Mike Lutman
Occasional Visitor

DII COE Login (unknown) Console Problem


We have a C3600 (HPUX 10.2 I believe) that boots to an "unknown" condition: DII COE Login (unknown) Console. When loging on (as SYSADMIN) we are advised that "unable to initiaizlie or connect to the Desktop messaging system. Check your $HOME/.dt/errorlog for more information."...and then the session is ended.

I have access via ROOT once I interrupt the boot sequence. I tried resetting the system back to JOTS1 via set_parms initial but it didn't take. I'm also seeing a LAN CONFIGURATION error during bootup as well. The system is set to AUTO_DETECT the LAN settings (onboard network connection) during boot.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My next step is to have the drive reloaded if nothing else works.

v/r Mike
Respected Contributor

Re: DII COE Login (unknown) Console Problem

Mike ,
I offer this as a suggestion.

Something similar used to happen with V class test station where some config script (un)helpfully cleaned up /etc/hosts and the dt login could not find the console because it could not resolve the host name to the loopback address, since your network card appears to be acting up it may not be able to find its way to the local host.

Try adding the name of your system as an alias to the line after loopback
in /etc/hosts
e.g. localhost loopback test1
I would also get the physical network port checked out .

good luck
Help is out there always!!!!!
Mike Lutman
Occasional Visitor

Re: DII COE Login (unknown) Console Problem


Thanks a lot for the reply. It looks like the drive is now unreadable so I'm just going to reload it. I'll get the card checked out as well. I'll also keep your remedy recommondation on file for future events.

Much obliged!