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I am doing DRD clone for my disk ,but it failed to make the boot disk & throwing the error as below .
ERROR: Making the file system bootable on clone fails.
- Mounting the file system fails.
- Mounting the inactive system image fails.
- The LVM mapfile "/var/opt/drd/mapfiles/drd00mapfile" that is needed
by the "vgimport" command does not exist or is not readable.
* Making New System Image Bootable failed with 1 error.
* Unmounting New System Image Clone
* System image: "sysimage_000" on disk "/dev/disk/disk3"
ERROR: Unmounting the file system fails.
- Unmounting the clone image fails.
- The volume "/dev/drd00/lvol3" is part of the inactive system image,
but is mounted at "/var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/" rather than
under the directory "/var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_000". Unmount the
volume with umount(1M), then re-run drd.
* Unmounting New System Image Clone failed with 1 error.
* Cleaning up after clone errors.

======= 01/12/01 16:41:59 GMT END Clone System Image failed with 2 errors.

But all the FS are mounted inside /var/opt/DRD .

/dev/drd00/lvol3 2097152 224161 1755939 11% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/
/dev/drd00/lvol1 2029560 164768 1661832 9% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/stand
/dev/drd00/lvol4 5242880 18277 4898069 0% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/home
/dev/drd00/lvol5 10485760 4253543 5842817 42% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/opt
/dev/drd00/lvol6 10485760 19573 9812053 0% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/tmp
/dev/drd00/lvol7 10485760 2779703 7224520 28% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/usr
/dev/drd00/lvol8 10485760 285877 9562406 3% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/var
/dev/drd00/lvol11 5242880 18272 4898073 0% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/var/tmp
/dev/drd00/lvol9 16384000 20996 15340324 0% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/var/adm/crash
/dev/drd00/lvol10 5242880 898322 4073085 18% /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/var/adm/sw

# swlist -l product |grep -i drd
DRD B.1131.A.3.6.140 Dynamic Root Disk
# uname -a
HP-UX Angel B.11.31 U ia64 0783934564 unlimited-user license
# model
ia64 hp Integrity BL860c i2


Hi ArunKC,
Just to get something clear, does the cloning process succeed and the clone is unbootable, or the clone fails to? Anyway,
If the target disk already has lvm structures, there is a possibility of a failure.Re-initialize the disk with pvcreate, including the force option.

"pvcreate -f /dev/rdisk/disk3"

Create a new file system on the disk with:

"newfs -F {hfs/vxfs} /dev/rdisk/disk3"

Equally, include the overwrite option while executing the drd clone command.

"drd clone -t /dev/disk/disk3 -x overwrite=true"

Test the clone by rebooting the system, interupt normal boot, go to "Boot options Maintenance Menu, Boot from a file, select target drive(disk3), browse to HPUX and boot from the efi file.