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DS-20 boot incorrectly to single user mode

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DS-20 boot incorrectly to single user mode

I have DS-20 Alpha Server.I had momory 512 1 cpu.I upgrade the cpu to 2 and memory to 1 GB. The next time i boot the server it boot in single user mode.i later reinstalled the True 64 but yet still it doesn't boot to graphic boot to a hash prompt.From that prompt i see the following instrction. optinal_name> ,lS or quit.
when i type /genvmunix or vmunix it boot to graphical interface.i want it to boot with out me typing any kernel name.So how do i move the kernel to the root disk.

i have also set the bootdef_dev, osflags and ostype but yet to no avail.
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: DS-20 boot incorrectly to single user mode

Ensure that boot_osflags is set to A, and try setting the boot_file to vmunix.
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