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Dedicating Processors

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Fernando Boza
Regular Advisor

Dedicating Processors

I have HP-UX 11.11 and I have rp7410 with 8 CPUs
When I execute gzip it run on all processor.... is possible execute it on only two processors?
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Dedicating Processors


Check out "man mpsched".


If there are questions after reading that please do not hesitate to ask again with specifics.


Re: Dedicating Processors

>When I execute gzip it run on all processor

I wasn't aware gzip was multithreaded, so it would run on one processor at a time.
Fernando Boza
Regular Advisor

Re: Dedicating Processors

I attach the image

Re: Dedicating Processors

>I attach the image

This indicates you have 13 gzip processes (3 sleeping) and 16 CPUs.

Any reason you want to limit it to two CPUs?
It would probably be better to limit the number of gzip processes or nice them.
Yogesh M Puranik
Valued Contributor

Re: Dedicating Processors


It is possible using mpsched as well as the new concept called wlm(Work Load Manager) and PRM(Process Resource Manager)in which we can assign even the "%" of CPU to a perticular process.This means only that much of share of CPU will be utilized by Perticular process.