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Disk I/O error, Disk replacement

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Disk I/O error, Disk replacement

Hi All,

can someone help me out.
some disk I/O errors, now want to replace that bad disk, how to replace this diks, and is there any Raid configured on this disk? i have also attached sys_check report.
AdvFS I/O error:

Domain#Fileset: ora_domain3#oradata3
Mounted on: /u/003
Volume: /dev/disk/dsk3g
Tag: 0x00000019.8001
Page: 13017
Block: 35860512
Block count: 8192
Type of operation: Read
Error: 5 (see /usr/include/errno.h)
EEI: 0x3400 (retries may help)
AdvFS initiated retries: 0
Total AdvFS retries on this volume: 0
I/O error appears to be due to a hardware problem.
Check the binary error log for details.
To obtain the name of the file on which
the error occurred, type the command:
/sbin/advfs/tag2name /u/003/.tags/25
It is possible that enabling AdvFS I/O
retires may have allowed this I/O to succeed.
To modify AdvFS retries, adjust the
'AdvfsIORetryControl' sysconfigtab entry:
/sbin/sysconfig -q advfs AdvfsIORetryControl
/sbin/sysconfig -r advfs AdvfsIORetryControl=nn
nn == 0 - No AdvFS retries
1 to 9 - AdvFS will retry up to the
specified number of times.
This is in addition to any device
driver retries.
Current setting of AdvfsIORetryControl: 0
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk I/O error, Disk replacement

According to the output of sys_check, the disk is a stand alone disk model BD14685A26.

You need to replace that disk, recreate the domain and file set, then restore data from a backup.

To do that:

- Save the output of:
hwmgr show scsi
hwmgr v d
- Ask for hardware support to replace the disk.
- Start the server or run:
hwmgr scan scsi
hwmgr v d
- You will see a new device, most probably it will be /dev/disk/dsk8
- Then run
rm -fr /etc/fdmns/ora_domain3
- Partition your disk, leaving the g and h partition with the right sizes
mkfdmn /dev/disk/dsk8g ora_domain3
mkfset ora_domain3 oradata3
mkfdmn /dev/disk/dsk8h ora_domain4
mkfset ora_domain4 oradata4
- Then mount the disks
- Restore your data
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