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Email without sendmail ?


Email without sendmail ?


How is this possible ?

I have a system where I stopped the sendmail process. Checked the system using ps -ef and no sendmail process running . But Im able to send the emails out of the box using mailx command !!!

Does anybody know how his happens. Does mailx directly send emails using smtp port 25 without sendmail daemon ? Is there any other way I can check to see my endmail daemon not sending emails.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Email without sendmail ?


You can disable the sendmail daemon and not run it normally.

Then have cron run a sendmail -q command regularly to get the mail off the system.

Check the man page for other options you might want to use.

You absolutely do not need to run sendmail to get mail off your system.

Steven E Protter
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Vijaya Kumar_3
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Re: Email without sendmail ?

Exactly. Steve already made the point. You dont need sendmail to "SEND" emails from one system. Lets take an example. You have outlook in your desktop and you are able to send emails... Do you have a mail server running on the desktop? No. What you are using is is an email client.

The mailx command is the email client in your case. When someone uses the mailx command with proper syntax, they can send emails to an external system without "using the port 25". Just like your outlook does.

Vijay Chinnasamy
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Mel Burslan
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Re: Email without sendmail ?

>Is there any other way I can check to see my endmail daemon not sending emails.

From this statement above, I am under the impression that you do not want this server to send any email messages, outward bound. If this is right, you need to disable mail sending. If your server is not directly sending email but using a mail relay server, it is very easy to accomplish. Just edit /etc/mail/ then find the line starting with letters DS immediately followed by your organization's mail relay server name, and drop the mail relay server name from this line. For example, you find a line like this:

after you drop it, your line should look like this


at this point you save your file and exit. And your server can not send mail messages even if your life's dependent on it.

Hope this helps
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Re: Email without sendmail ?


Check this post of mine have some good explanation on how sendmail works.

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