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Re: Enable duplex with in printer

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Enable duplex with in printer

Greetings Admins,


I have installed a printer with lpadmin. It started printing well. Now customer is asking me to enable duplex in the printer!


OS is HPUX 11.11, I didnt get any option for duplex enable. Any suggestions or solution.





_Do or Die

Dennis Handly
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Re: Enable duplex within printer

>I didn't get any option for duplex enable.


No -od option for lp?

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Re: Enable duplex with in printer



Thanks for your update. Customer agreed to adjust without duplex.


Anyway No -od option.






_Do or Die

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Enable duplex with in printer

There are two radically different printing solutions for HP-UX. One uses the HP proprietary JetDirect protocol and port 9100, typically found on HP printers. The other is the classic lpr protocol using port 515, and found the vast majority of non-HP network printers. For JetDirect printing, there is a long list of options available since the pre-formatting is done locally on the HP-UX system. For classic lpr printing, there are virtually no formatting options. Additionally, many non-HP printers do not recognize HP PCL control sequences, so adding duplex first requires identifying the print language (ie, Postscript, Epson, etc), then inserting the appropriate codes in front of each job.


Compared to Windows, HP-UX printing is archaic and requires careful selection of useful printers.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin