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Error running the commnds

Regular Advisor

Error running the commnds

Hello Experts,


I am installing one S/W i.e. HPVM dynamic memory managment software.

We have SAP at front end. In SAP there is a process or program call SAP OS collecter.Once the process was initiated

it creates many more child process & the CPU u% will go to pic.

We consult this to SAP & they suggest us to installed the HPVM dynamic memory managment s/w.


I installed the software therefore while running the below command geting an erroe


I am running the bellow commands therefore we are getting an error.


# mknod /dev/hpvmdynmem c 171 0


# ll /dev/hpvmdynmem

crw-r--r--   1 root       sys        171 0x000000 Jul 14 09:16 /dev/hpvmdynmem


# kcmodule hpvmdynmem

ERROR:   There is no module named 'hpvmdynmem'.


# cat </dev/hpvmdynmem

sh: /dev/hpvmdynmem: Cannot find or ope


Request you please suggest me on this.


Thanks & regards,