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Error while running SMH

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Kavita Poonia
Regular Advisor

Error while running SMH

Hello Techies,

I am getting below mentioned error while running /usr/sbin/smh on HP-UX11.31 as it is not launching the command line interface for SMH.

# /usr/sbin/smh
Looking for a usable running browser...
/usr/contrib/bin/X11/xlsclients: unable to open display ""
ERROR: Unable to open display ""
Please paste the URL "http://omjap02p:2301/?chppath=Tools" into a browser window.

It is working fine when I paste the link into browser and use SMH but not at command line interface.

Thanks & regards,
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Error while running SMH

It sounds like your DISPLAY variable is not properly set. The $DISPLAY is normally in the format "hostname:0.0". Try setting a valid $DISPLAY and then run smh again.


Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: Error while running SMH

Hi Kavita,

Are you using any third party utility for SMH ?
Right now which tool are you using ?

Kavita Poonia
Regular Advisor

Re: Error while running SMH

Hello Pete,

I checked for my DISPLAY variable's value and it was set to where is my local desktop machine's name. Then as suggested I exported DISPLAY= where is my local desktop's IP address and ran SMH but got below error.

# export DISPLAY=
# /usr/sbin/smh
Looking for a usable running browser...
No usable running browsers found.
Looking for a usable browser to start...
Attempting to start /opt/firefox/firefox...

Starting Firefox ...

No usable browsers found.
SECURITY WARNING: starting a browser in the current environment
may open you to security risks. This is the case when the
X Server and the browser are running on different systems, unless
the X traffic is being tunneled through SSH. Since samweb
cannot guarantee that a secure browser is available, you may:
. Paste the URL http://omjap02p:2301/?chppath=Tools into a browser.
. Close any non-local instances of your browser on
and rerun samweb.
. Use SSH tunneling.
. Use samweb with the "-F" (force) option.

There are one or more instances of your browser running on that are not local, or a browser cannot
be started in a secure mode because the X Server is not on
the same machine as the display variable.

Thanks & regards,
Occasional Advisor

Re: Error while running SMH


Can you launch /opt/firefox/firefox from the HPUX command line?

My guess is if DISPLAY is set correctly then it is your Xwindows app security blocking the launch (assuming your on a pc). Or if a UX workstation it's security settings (hosts.allow/deny etc) are preventing the launch.

Hope that helps.

Mike W.