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Extending /tmp help

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Jonathan Grymes
Frequent Advisor

Extending /tmp help

HP-UX 11.31 Integrity (Itanium)


In SAM I was able to extend the logicol volume size from 1GB to 4 GB

SMH->Disks and File Systems->Logical Volumes->Details

LV Size (Mbytes)            4096


However, under SMH->Disks and File Systems->File Systems

/tmp is still showing 1 gb


Im missing a step I think to increase the file system. But not sure how.

Also, umount /tmp is not working. Device is busy. Tried rebooting, same thing.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Extending /tmp help

Do you have Online JFS?  If so, try:


# fsadm -b 4096m /tmp


If not, then you will have to reboot the server and come up in single user mode, then use 'extendfs' to increase the file system size for /tmp.