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FC HBA utility script


FC HBA utility script

Good evening everyone,

currently i'm trying to teach myself perl programming, and as one of my first projects i intended to write a small script that has also some practical usage.

For documentation and troubleshooting purposes i needed a script that summarizes the output from ioscan, fcmsutil and the OLAR commands for Fibre Channel HBAs on all HP-UX flavors that my employer currently uses.

So i did some hackery, and after some testing, i found it stable enough and quite useful for me.
In the hope that also others might have a use for this, i've attached it here.

The script is quite self-explanatory through its comments; it is started without any options with root privileges and collects information about all installed FC cards and summarizes it. Of course i cannot guarantee that it's 100% bug-free and i also suggest that you test it in a non-productive environment beforehand.

Comments are always appreciated, in the hope that it might boost my ongoing perl studies :-)

Many regards,
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Re: FC HBA utility script


I downloaded and ran in Integrity 11.23
it worked.

Need more time to see the usefulness of this script.

Anyway thanks and I will also start learning perl.