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File system creation

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File system creation


I have one bad disk housing a file system, I would like to remove it, re-create the file system and restore the backup. How can I do
as a newbe on HpUx.

Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: File system creation

Hi Consty,

We need a bit more info.
What HPUX version are you running?
What is the current status?
Is the filesystem stll active?
Did you already replace the disk?

Could you post the output of
# vgdisplay -v /dev/vgxx

Frequent Advisor

Re: File system creation


-HPUX Version 10.20
-Current Status : O.S is OK, only the filesystem concerned unavailable.
-File system Not Active
-Disk not yet replaced
-Vgdisplay showed :
vgdisplay: Volume group not activated.
vgdisplay: Cannot display volume group "/dev/vg03".


T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: File system creation

please check if vgdisplay -v /dev/vg03

to see if that is the only disk associated with that vg.

Re: File system creation


Scenario : you have a disk that is dead and still in the system.
since disk is not available file systems is also unavailable. and. you want to replace a disk and restore the data from backup onto that Lv/filesystem right.

You need to :

Remove the failed disk from existing Vg using Pv key (since Pv is not accessible)

Since, You are not Having LVM OLR, you need to identify the correct disk and take it out.( if it is already dead. and disk is type of hot plugable)then insert a hot plugable disk in that slot, Do ioscan then insf. Record the device file name for that new disk.

Do pvcreate on that disk.
Do vgcfgrestore on that disk.
Activate Vg if required using -q n option
Create Lv and then file system
Mount it on original mount point and then restore backup

Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor

Re: File system creation

The best roadmap to replace and reconfigure a bad disk , is this White Paper.

Never leave home without it !!

It is a flowchart guide to guide you through the whole process.

I can strongly recommend it.
(A lot of the above mentioned tips and answered are covered, but in a clear consice structured approach)

No need to ever panic.
Look before you leap