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Files are getting deleted automatically

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Files are getting deleted automatically

I'm having an issue with my HP Proliant server.OS installed in rhel 5.2
some backup files are deleting automatically.
in our /backup/MPSMF2/osp_bkp/bkp file
The bkpfile is deleting automatically without anybody's intervention .
What might me the issue
Larry Klasmier
Honored Contributor

Re: Files are getting deleted automatically

How are these backup file created. If you are using a backup tool have are you hitting the expiration date for the files?

Is there a script from cron running that's cleaning them up. Check root's crontab (and the crontab for the user that owns the files if different from root) and review the scripts running from it

Honored Contributor

Re: Files are getting deleted automatically

The OS definitely won't delete files in such custom directories on its own.

Perhaps someone has set up a "cron" or "at" job to delete those files? Or added a custom "logrotate" configuration file that causes the files to be deleted when a certain condition is fulfilled?

Or, if you have a centralized tape backup system (e.g. Data Protector, Legato or Netbackup) and those files are backed up as an "archive" job instead of a regular "backup" job, then the archival job automatically deletes the original after the data is successfully written to tape, to make room for new backup files.

If the backup files are produced by a database that is running in on-line backup mode, this is normal procedure: as the database will keep producing more and more backup files, the old files must be moved (not copied) to tape. Usually, if the filesystem that holds on-line backup files for a database becomes full, the database will not accept any more transactions until there is again space for it to write the backup files.